Please contact Geraint Jones of 3CResearch if you are interested in helping us take any of the AIYP services or technologies forward

Key Benefits

  • Spectators: Enhanced experience for spectators with access to non-viewable (temporal or spatial) events/locations/data.

  • Event organisers: Attraction of larger and more engaged audiences. Additional revenue via usage fees, sponsorship, advertising or betting.
  • ITC companies: Sales of network, video transmission and terminal equiment. Terminal and multiplexing software.

  • Event participants: Raised profiles of individuals, teams and sponsors.

Next Steps

AIYP technologies can be exploited as an entire package (for example a city wide tourist APP) or as individual components (for example, a Wi-Fi boradcast television service). Imagine what's possible when users can be tracked and live video & data can be broadcast to WI-Fi enabled customer devices!

Multicast is perfect for streaming multi-channel television to large numbers of users in an outdoor space and, unlike unicast, the AIYP multicast service scales to hundreds of users. Compared to cellular,
Wi-Fi is an open and easily integrated technology.
AIYP could be adapted to many different city wide events as well as museums, theme parks and wildlife venues.

It could be adapted to support events such as the Harbourside Festival in Bristol; Shops could exploit user tracking to deliver targeted advertising and push latest news and offers, Shopping Malls could offer 'Mall TV' to provide location and guidance information and promote selected stores and offers. The railway network could offer 'Rail TV' on demand to its passengers. The possible applications of the AIYP app are huge.


AIYP Partners, 2011